Female Entrepreneurship – what is so special about it?

Posted on Sep 5, 2014


FullSizeRenderEntrepreneurship in the tech sector, what’s so special about it? The low percentage of women in tech start-ups reflects the low number of women working in this sector in general. To change that situation, more women have to be employed in such male-dominated sectors (e.g. programming, science and other tech jobs)

Of course, the root of this problem goes back to education that is often gender-biased. However, there are initiatives to make science and tech more attractive to girls and women.

A recent example is the $50 million initiative “Made with Code” launched by Google. Read more about it here:

 And there is a second topic:

In our society it’s still common for women to be subject to multi-level expactations. I know what I am talking about. Not only am I the mother of three beautiful sons and an entrepreneur, but my peers also expect me to look great at every occasion…  But I’m happy to take that challenge.

In comparison, men are mainly judged at a one-dimensional level. As we all know: women are always multitasking and love complexity. :o)

And a third aspect:

I know many highly talented women who have a real fear of success. This has a lot to do with stereotypes and the way our education is gender-biased –see above .

I encourage everyone to push hard to overcome your fears instead of being led by them.

Accept your challenges and master them!