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The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

Posted on Sep 9, 2014

The Perfect Storm – no, it’s not what you think, not the 30 feet waves in “Deadliest Catch” on Discovery Channel –it’s about the daily routine in my household, it’s about being Mom of three boys, an entrepreneur, you name it! And  all at once starting at 6:00 am and ending at  midnight, 24/7. Give […]

Female Entrepreneurship – what is so special about it?

Female Entrepreneurship – what is so special about it?

Posted on Sep 5, 2014

  Entrepreneurship in the tech sector, what’s so special about it? The low percentage of women in tech start-ups reflects the low number of women working in this sector in general. To change that situation, more women have to be employed in such male-dominated sectors (e.g. programming, science and other tech jobs) Of course, the […]

The beginning of

The beginning of

Posted on Aug 29, 2014

I already talked about how the basic idea for was born (see Interview). Here I continue to describe how this personal trend of mine further evolved. After the initial conversations it took us a while to shape the ideas. Take a look at Gallery below at the page from a notebook where you can […]

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Apple also believes in remote feelings 

What a great performance Tim Cook and the Apple Team did at the Flint Center where Steve Jobs revealed the Macintosh 1984. And using the legendary phrase “…one more thing” they revealed the Apple Watch, a rich device with a haptic engine. Among many other things it can transmit the actual heartbeat from Person A to B, such that B feels a wrist sensation.
Well, that’s what we thought to do in our remoteFeelings project. Is this now a missed opportunity again? No! What we have to do is sharpen the product niche to the market segment of emotional, intelligent jewelry, jewelry that people want to wear with certain limited functionality that fits into the emotional realm of a ring and that’s what we call remoteFeelings.
- Apple
IBM Watson

Cognitive Computing

“Watson”? No it’s not my neighbor … Watson or more precisely “IBM Watson” is the brainy supercomputer from IBM that can somehow “think”, or more precisely do “cognitive computing”. I like this topic, as it shows that artificial intelligence is moving forward, unlocking great potential to work with big data, automate human reasoning and much more. Read the fascinating links on IBM Watson!
- IBM Watson

Drug Research

Google enters drug research: anti aging (mega Topic in USA: everyone wants to be 25 forever (well not everyone….)
- Google