I like this upcoming trend of wearable fitness gadgets as it falls under a new segment of communication and nobody knows where this track will end. A number of tech companies already making their own devices like Garmin’s Forerunner, Nike’s Fuelband or Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.
And as more and more consumers embrace that trend, some of them on the leading edge of coolness already wonder: When can my dog start wearing an activity tracker, too?
Believe it or not but that day can come sooner rather than later as there are already some start-ups offering health trackers for animals – see AgLogica Holdings, TruVitals, Whistle Labs and FitBark.
A report last year (2013) by Bank of America Merril Lynch put the global market for medical products for animals at $100 billion.
And even if I think the new Apple iWatch could be too big or heavy on my  wrist, I will buy this futuristic tool of miniaturized components. A powerhouse like Apple can bring a de-facto standard to the table…think about it: the total revenue of the US health gadget industry in 2014 is just two days of worldwide iPhone selling revenue. Hence an Apple iWatch or similar device will probably have a big impact on the whole evolution of communication.
And we have a new meaning of the old proverb: “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away…”