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Three years ago, me and my partner were sitting on a garden bench at a lovely hotel near Frankfurt brainstorming the portfolio of our newly founded VC company quantumReality.

First thing that came to our mind was based on a very personal experience: we were maintaining most of the year a long distance relation and though we were doing Facetime and Skype all the time, sending hundreds of emails and thousands of messages, pictures and emoticons – we were missing a third dimension: the haptic one.The keyword was born: remoteFeelings! We discussed back and forth and came up with the idea of a ring with advanced functionality.

For more details see remoteFeelings. We started to do basic research and tried to contact researchers in the haptic field but with no great success.Three years later we were introduced to two very smart engineers and their company in Miami, one of my living places. We wrote Ernie and Sal an email introducing them to the topic.

Light my fire! That was a home run. Sal organized a breakthrough meeting and brought a bunch of fascinating people to the table. Here you see pictures of our kickoff meeting discussing the first steps.Remote_FeelingIMG_1141

Wearable devices have been hailed as the next generation of mobile electronic gadgets, from smart watches to smart glasses to smart pacemakers to smart bracelets. But there is no smart „something“ that transports my heart and feeling to someone that I love and miss. You can like or send emoticons, you can record a voice-mail at WhatsApp or send pics but you can`t FEEL someone who is 10 000 km apart.

And here is the challenge:

For electronics to be worn, they must be light and small. And how to supply power in a stable and reliable manner is one of the most critical issues to commercialize wearable devices. Efren is our engineer who is working 30+ years in miniaturizing telecommunication stacks, like Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS. Ed and his son Adam are running one of the biggest jewelry manufacturing stores in the US and they are the second key to this project, because we want to marry technology with fashion and jewelry.

Thanks to this great team we really jump started the project and are now fully emerged in our discovery and feasibility phase. We hope to have this project soon to be presentable to a bigger audience and think we can make a sizable contribution to the hot topic of wearable devices. Stay tuned for more updates as things are progressing…